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Mostly just sharing this because the sheer unlikeliness of the timing here is amusing :)

Earlier today I was cooking some m&c so I had a timer going, and I was also listening for an alert from a coworker via my computer - not expecting one since it's not a busy shift, but just hanging out as backup.

I was also rearranging the pantry a little, so I was neither right at the stove, nor right at my computer.

And simultaneously, like within seconds of each other: a work alert came, and my timer beeped, and the smoke alarm went off (apparently the wooden spoon had been getting too hot, and charring).

On the plus side, my reaction was exasperation and quick prioritization, not panic! Turned off the stove, answered the alert, poured the mac into a strainer, waved a towel at the smoke alarm, finished dealing with the alert. Yay meds!
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N is interviewing in another city, so I was looking at apartment listings, and reviews thereof.

It's an old and certainly not entirely accurate adage that there's no such thing as bad publicity, but one particular review stands out in my mind because it was very much a negative review, and that review is honestly what made me decide to actually consider the place.

Specifically they were incensed that, while the manager was taking them to view an apartment, she paused to tell several people to turn down their music. And then she apparently had the gall to brag that she had in the past acted quickly on and even evicted people due to noise violations. Maybe not a great apartment complex for a partying college kid, but it sounds pretty darn awesome to me!


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