fractalwolf: Any plan vere you lose you hat iz a BAD PLAN (Default)
2017-06-27 02:11 am

Timing is everything

Mostly just sharing this because the sheer unlikeliness of the timing here is amusing :)

Earlier today I was cooking some m&c so I had a timer going, and I was also listening for an alert from a coworker via my computer - not expecting one since it's not a busy shift, but just hanging out as backup.

I was also rearranging the pantry a little, so I was neither right at the stove, nor right at my computer.

And simultaneously, like within seconds of each other: a work alert came, and my timer beeped, and the smoke alarm went off (apparently the wooden spoon had been getting too hot, and charring).

On the plus side, my reaction was exasperation and quick prioritization, not panic! Turned off the stove, answered the alert, poured the mac into a strainer, waved a towel at the smoke alarm, finished dealing with the alert. Yay meds!